Schrijver(s) en boektitel

  • Charles Standard en Dale Davis: Running Today’s Factory. A proven strategy for Lean manufacturing Ω
  • Rajan Suri: QRM It’s about time (Quick Response Manufacturing) met nuttige kennis over systeemdynamica
  • Kevin J. Duggan: Creating Mixed Model Value Streams: Practical Lean Techniques for Building to Demand ♣ ♥ 
  • Allan R. Coletta: The Lean 3p Advantage. A Practitioner’s Guide to the Production Preparation Process Ω
  • Toshiko Narusawa & John Shook: Kaizen Express 
  • Gerard Leone en Richard D. Rahn: The Complete Guide to Mixed Model Line Design. Designing the perfect value stream
  • Michel Greif: The Visual Factory. Building Participation Through Shared Information
  • Shigeo Shingo: The sayings of Shigeo Shingo. Key Strategies for Plant improvements
  • Matthias Thürer, Mark Stevenson en Charles Protzman: Card-Based Control Systems for a Lean Work Design Ω

Aanbevolen door Lean management instituut en aldaar verkrijgbaar.
Aanbevolen door MKPC (opleidingsinstituut).
Aanbevolen door The Karen Martin Group Inc.

Shingo prize (world’s highest standard for operational excellence).